Current students


Song Mi Lee (co-advised with Cliff Lampe)

Alexandria Rayburn (co-advised with Ricky Punzalan)

Morgan Wofford (co-advised with Libby Hemphill)

Graduated students

Master's thesis advisees

Taylor Faires (2022). "The Afterlives of AltGov: Climate Change Communication and Information Sharing Practices of Environmental Alt-Gov Twitter Accounts Over Time”

Emma De Vera (2020). Classifying Eugenics: A “Wandering Subject” moves to Wikipedia

Dana Reijerkerk (2019). Traditional Knowledge Labels in the “Ancestral Voices” Collection: Legacy Data, User Experience Design, and Cataloging Rules

Angela Schopke (2019). “Refugee”: Using Information Resources to Understand and Navigate a Liminal Identity Space

Jasmine Smith (2019). Motivations and Expectations for Central Database Creation at an Egyptian Archaeological Site